Lower Roddlesworth is at its deepest around 75 ft. It has only one embankment which is 197 yards long. The reservoir can hold 99.7 million gallons. Its inflow is Upper Roddlesworth. It shares its overflow with Rake. There are footpaths on either side of the resevoir


Lower Roddlesworth from its only embankment

The canal that links it to Rake. The large overflow to the right of the picture is a joint one that carries away both Rake and Lower Roddlesworth

There's a footbridge over the overflow and this is the view from it when it is in use


...and this is when it's dry. This is looking down to some huge steps


This is taken from the bottom of the steps mentioned in the previous photograph


Another footbridge that crosses the canal. It leads you to a nice path that follows the western side of the reservoir


The approach to Lower Roddlesworth from the overflow


The embankment


Full shot of the embankment