Upper Rivington is separated from Lower Rivington reservoir by the 292 yard causeway called the Horrobin Embankment, built to allow access to the village of Rivington. Apart from the shared Horrobin embankment Upper Rivington has two others, the longer one named Yarrow Embankment on its western side. It is called this because it stands 40ft above the River Yarrow. The embankment carries a private road (it is a public footpath) called The Street between Horrobin Lane and Knowsley Lane. Most of the buildings along The Street were built by Liverpool Waterworks to replace building lost below the reservoir, even the impressive house that is too, named The Street (follow link for photos of the properties and the views of the Street). On its eastern side there is the short causeway called the Pilkington Embankment which is 89 yards long

Footpaths There is a public footpath on each side of the reservoir. The Street being one, which keeps close to the reservoir apart from the Knowsley Lane end. The other follows the track over the Pilkington causeway. There aren't many views of the reservoir on this side. However, the path follows the base of the large Turner's embankment of Yarrow Reservoir, and then down Yarrow's impressive overflow.

Below the Surface The original manor house called The Street with the water mill on the River Yarrow along with 15 cottages were lost when the reservoir was filled. These were replaced with what are known as "compensation houses", the present house of that name being one too. Many of the compensation houses have the Liver Bird emblem built into the stonework. Also lost was Street Bottoms, the Blackamoors head public house and Walker Houses - the latter two being near the Horrobin causeway.


The Knowsley Embankment, at the northern end of the reservoir

The Horrobin causeway at the southern end

The Street from the Horrobin causeway


Close up of The Street


The Street looking south to the Horrobin causeway


The Yarrow Embankment


The Horrobin Lane end of the Street - note the Liver Bird on the chimney breast


Liver Bird


Overflow into the River Yarrow 40ft below


Upper Rivington and its Yarrow overflow, taken from Yarrow reservoir's Turners Embankment


Anglezarke's large overflow down to Upper Rivington


The large overflow down to the River Yarrow. Much repair work has been carried out on the Yarrow embankment since 2002