Botany to White Coppice
Date: 23rd March 2013
Starting Point Lock & Quay SD594189


Strong overnight easterly winds and snow ensured that large drifts had closed many lanes around White Coppice. Our intention had been to start at White Coppice, so we hastily re-arranged our starting point to The Lock & Quay. The snow was getting deeper as we passed through the fields on the Nab's lower slopes - up to a foot deep.

Then the ascent to the Nab started and we met a photographer in full camouflage clothing, which made him stand out like a beacon against the white of the snow! After reaching the top we were greeted with a brilliant view across to White and Black Coppice moors. It was wild and windy up there. We then made our way down to Waterman's Cottage and along the new track to White Coppice. The new track is not my favourite, but it offered more protection than the original path on the eastern side of the Goit.

Safely arriving at White Coppice we came to an abandoned car whose owner came up behind us and asked for assistance. We helped and got him on his way. Hollin Lane cut off with a large snow drift blocking the way totally. Along Coppice Lane the drifts were 7 or 8 ft high, but at least a plough had forged its way through and we could pass easily (which would not be the case later).

Reaching Causeway Farm, we turned left and down to the causeway between No 3 and No 2 lodges. Upon reaching Higher House Lane we turned left and headed for Mouldy House Farm. Just after it large drifts greeted us which he had to go over. It was tiring but we made it, but not without sinking several feet and ending up with sodden boots.

From there we went past Primrose Cottage and on to the Lock and Quay for a well earned pint.

A great day, one I have never experienced in a long time. Cold, harsh, windy yet exhilarating and stunning scenery has made this a walk that will live long in our memories


On the Nab


Thick snow covers a fence

Plodding up the Nab, the snow made it quite energy sapping


The wind was blowing snow all around on the other side of the Nab. These are not Troy's favourite conditions


Blowing snow everywhere


Almost blizzard conditions on the Nab


View to High Bullough Reservoir


Zooming in through the snow squals to the Dovecote at Rivington


Approaching Waterman's Cottage, the dogs able to run free as the road was closed


..because of snowdrifts like this at Winstanley Bridge and up the lane to Siddow Fold

Anglezarke Reservoir from Winstanley Bridge


Higher House Lane


Coppice Lane - big drifts


Coppice Lane and the drifts are getting bigger


Coppice Lane - a narrow track has been cut through by a local farmer


BIG drifts at Causeway Farm


Unusual formation


Close up


No2 Lodge


No3 Lodge - sheltered from the harsh conditions

Higher House Lane near Mouldy House Farm


Higher House Lane near Mouldy House Farm



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